SEO Tips For Models

So you want to break into modeling but have no idea how to market yourself? No problem, we got you covered. We reached out to Boston SEO Company and asked for some tips on getting started online. Enjoy and apply these, we know we will too.seo tips from agpunk

Social media is one of the driving forces behind internet marketing today. Google sees what is being shared and liked and viewed. How else are they going to stay relevant (which is one of their main goals) if they don’t pay attention to what you are paying attention to?
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr are all examples of social profiles. If you want to make sure to be seen then there is a right way and a wrong way. Don’t try to rush this or else Google is going to see you as someone spammy and penalize you.
The first tip we got was to pay attention to what AgPunk called “The Big 4 of Social Media”. They are:
Google+fashion marketing with agpunk

Do these first and do them all. We are told that Google sees you as a real business when you have these 4 profiles, because real businesses all have them. After these, the amount of profiles varies from 0 to around 300. So claim them all. You can get a list of available profiles by visiting

So why are these social sites so important? It’s because they are all heavily used everyday and Google trusts them so they give them a lot of value when ranking sites.

What you will want to do first is fill out all the big 4 profiles and link them together. Make sure to keep the theme of your modeling brand consistent throughout.

Facebook links to Twitter, YouTube, and Google+
Google+ links to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook
Twitter links to Facebook, Google+, and YouTube
Youtube links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

This is often overlooked and blown off because its so simple, but its incredibly important that you do.

After you have all these done and they are indexed by Google (usually a few days to a week), you can begin to build all your other profiles like
Instagram (although you probably already have it)

The list goes on and on. Take your time and do as many as you want. All should link back to either your main site or one of your big 4. This is so important and yet so many people overlook this. Your big 4 need links too.

Finally, only put up relative good quality content.

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