A Tribute To Chuck Berry And Johnny B Goode Guitar Cover

The passing of Chuck Berry this week has led us all to remember him how we may. Some will scour the internet for the best Johnny B Goode guitar cover. Some will watch Hail Hail Rock And Roll. Many of us will remember that famous scene from Back To The Future.

Whatever our memory of Chuck Berry is, one thing that we all agree on is that he is one of the most important innovators in Rock n Roll history, and an amazing guitar player whose influence has trickled down for decades.

Just search YouTube and you will find thousands of guitar players paying tribute to Chuck Berry with covers of every one of his songs. Even little kids are playing Johnny B Goode Guitar Cover and they are too young, way too young to know him.

Johnny B Goode Guitar Cover

RIP Mr Chuck Berry

Johnny B Goode Guitar Cover

I remember being a kid and trying to learn to play guitar. When I first heard my friend John play the opening lick of Johnny B Goode I thought about hanging up my guitar and never touching it again. I was pretty sure that I would never be able to create the amazing sound coming out of Johns amp.

All these years later I realize that you can learn to play the notes. Anyone can. But to re-create Chuck’s sound is damn near impossible.

Michael J Fox doing his Chuck Berry Guitar Cover

Michael J Fox

We lost a lot of music legends in 2016. It’s sad but it happens. Some die too young like Prince and Michael of last year. Some get to live into what we call a long life. 2017 will hopefully be easier. But the music, the music lives and lives. We don’t know how long it will be here but today right now lots of us are doing our part by sharing videos and blog posts about one of the greatest musicians of all time, to keep his music alive a little bit longer.

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